Belt order in ITF Taekwon-Do

Belt orders in Taekwon-Do

The belt ranks in Taekwon-Do are divided into 2 groups; Colored belts and black belts. A total of 19 degrees divided into 6 colors. Each color has its own symbolism.

Colored belts consist of; White, yellow, green, blue and red belt. It is also 2 degrees in each color, ie 10 in total. These start with 10. Gup (degree) and go up to 1st Gup. (degree).

Black belts start at 1. Dan (rank) and end at 9. Dan (rank).

1. til 3. Dan - Assistant instructor.
4. til 6. Dan - International instructor.
7. til 8. Dan - Master.
9. Dan - Grandmaster.


White Belt - This is where everyone begins. The color white symbolizes the student's innocence and ignorance of taekwondo

Yellow Belt - The first full color, this belt means that the student is beginning to learn and create a foundation in taekwondo. The color yellow represents the ground or earth in which the seed of knowledge has been planted and will grow.

Green Belt - This belt is in my experience, a milestone. I would say that most people never make it past this point. The student's taekwondo knowledge and experience is growing at a good pace now. The color green represents the plant as it sprouts and begins to grow. 

Blue Belt - At this point, the student should have a good foundation in taekwondo and is prepared to begin learning more advanced techniques and theories. The color represents the sky toward which the plant reaches as it matures into a tree.

Red Belt - My favorite definition: The red belt is a student who knows quite a bit about taekwondo, enough to be dangerous. Now, the student must learn control, a crucial skill. The color red signifies danger, warning others to stay away and reminding the student to practice control. 

Black Belt - This is the end of the introductory stages. On average, this rank takes 3-5 years to reach. Traditionally, only after achieving the rank of black belt, is the pupil considered to be true student of taekwondo. It is without a doubt a great mark of progress, but is far from the end. Truly, it is only the beginning. The definition of the color black is simple the opposite of the color white.