Sortland Taekwon-Do Club

Sortland 2016

In the fall of 2002, Ken Thomas Kvæl came from Hadsel Taekwon-do club, to start with Taekwon-Do at Sortland. In the beginning there were about 10-15 pieces that trained under him, they started up in Sortland's Hall, and then got rooms in the old youth school. Eventually, more came and the Sortland club grew.

There have been several instructors in the club, including Jørgen Ulriksen and Glenn Johnsen, who instructed for a while until we got our own instructors. 

The club is located under Master Ingar Eilertsen VII. Then, and under him, we find Instructor Kjell-Arne Finnesen IV. Dan, who is also the club leader, the boss himself!