Taekwon-Do Philosophy

The philosophy of Taekwon-Do is based on the cultural values ​​and norms of decency that people can live in harmony with each other.

As examples of norms are mentioned:

1. Never bend away for difficulty. 
2. Be gentle to the weak. 
3. Always seek greater knowledge and skills. 
4. Always complete what you have begun. 
5. Treat all students alike regardless of race and religion. 
6. Never give up for oppression. 
7. Learn from you attitudes and skills by going ahead with good examples. 
8. Be yourself in all situations. 
9. Learn from you in a way that forever becomes a guideline for your students. 

Taekwon-Do's overall goal is to avoid fighting by deterring the strong who suppresses the weak, with a power that must be based on humanity, justice, parity, wisdom and trust. In this goal there is a hope of building a more peaceful world.

Taekwon-Do must not under any circumstances be used for selfish, aggressive and violent intentions. Taekwon-Do will never be used for commercial or political purposes.