Experience Vesteraalen With GM Chol!

We are happy to invite the Norwegian, Scandinavian and European Taekwon-Do community to this event in the Vesteraalen islands of Northern Norway.
Senior Grandmaster Chol, Kim Ung, IX (9th) Dan, will be conducting an International technichal seminar and instructors course.

International technichal seminar and instructors course will be conducted by senior grand master Chol, Kim Ung in Sortland, Vesteraalen on the 24th. - 27th of november.

Open to Gup and Dan.

Dan testing during the course must be approved by the individual candidates instructor/master and his/her national governing body in due time following all applicable rules and regulations.

How to get here!

Events, prices and accommodations

Some links to give you more information about Sortland, Vesteraalen, our prices and how to get here. Make sure to get a room early as hotel in these times can be fully booked.

Under is a useful link for more informasjon about Vesterålen 

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